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You did what?

October 28, 2011

I got a message from my son recently about a batman hat I knit him a few years ago. Before he even had to beat around the bush, I had guessed that he washed it and well, its no longer a hat that will fit a human…so he asked if I could knit him another one and of course, I said sure.

I looked (sort of) for my pattern notes because I know I did something to tweak the chart so it could be knit smaller. As it is, it is designed for a child’s pullover and is a bit too large for a hat. I made adjustments and the hat came out great and because it was early in my knitting career and I was impressed with myself, I made notes in my knitting journal (a habit I have let slide).  They weren’t where I thought they were and I didn’t look further, but decided to just wing it.

I found the right colors in my stash of Lamb’s Pride worsted leftover from another project. I also had a pattern for a hat that used Lamb’s Pride and I used that for the numbers, and then I had the chart for the logo.

I should have done it intarsia, but I really dislike intarsia. Instead, I decided to do it strandedm hence the checkerboard around the back.

I might go back into the stash and see if I have some other wool that might work, and if so, I think I might knit another one…you know, one with better tension and no twisted stitches…one better planned so the numbers work out…but until that happens, I know William will be delighted with this one and deem it perfect.


on You did what?.
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    Batman hat, wing it! As Kmae would say, “hahahahahahahaha” Looks good from here.

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