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July 22, 2013

On my last update, I didn’t mention the new girl in the house.  Her name is Trudy. Who would’ve thought there might be a different spelling (other than the admin at the vet’s office.

Digital StillCamera Digital StillCameraI learned this morning that if I think she is being cute, I need to point and shoot, and fast. She is terribly frightened by the camera. Truth be told, she is terribly frightened by everything.

When we brought her home for her week long sleepover trial, it was day before before we heard a peep out of her or could even pick her up. If we had to decide on Wednesday night if we were going to keep her, we might have said no because she was just non-interactive and either in her crate, or way back under the computer desk.

Her first hour in our custody had her cowering under the fig tree in the corner of the yard as far removed as she could get. Or so we thought. A few moments after the fig tree fiasco, Trudy found her way between out old fence and our neighbor’s new fence, a space barely wider than she is. Elizabeth had to get out the power tools to disassemble some of the fence in a section of side yard that we keep closed off, and while she did that, I had to grasp enough of her collar to gently tug her toward me. Majorly convoluted…

On Thursday morning, however, she woke up all perky and assimilated like she had decided she would keep us. She has done pretty well, at least until Thomas came to visit. she still is a little unsure about him and barks ferociously if he looks at her.

The first picture is from this morning. I got out the camera to see if I could get a better shot of her, and she went running outside to cower behind the passion flower vine. I f I got any closer, she started trembling so  let her be and snapped what I could. If you look closely at the clearer picture of her, her ears look like they are folded over to the back or something, but not so. Someone used scissors to crop her ears at some point. We think she is about three years old, and hope she is part of the pack for many years to come.


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    She’s a cutie. I hope she can (and does) settle down and settle in.

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    Someone cut her ears???? With scissors????? OMG! No wonder she’s nervous. I’m so glad she’s found you! How’s she doing?

    I popped around to see your blog via Ravelry and the art journal page (liked your contributions) – Love that header at the top of your blog too.

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    She is doing quite well and definitely part of the pack now, if not shivery cold a lot of the time. I knit her a sweater which she is now used to, but when I
    first put it on her she was even afraid of that!

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