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Color Week Lello…

May 19, 2010

Doesn’t every kid at some point say lello for yellow? For color week, hosted by curious lisa (linked left) Wednesday is yellow day.

Skully is a sweater I knit for Elizabeth. I don’t really know what I was thinking, but it was back in the days when I followed the pattern pretty much to the letter. I have since learned a thing or two. Next week I am going to learn about steeking. That is when you cut an opening in your knitting, in this case, I am turning this pullover into a cardigan and will be cutting right up the middle. Scary stuff.

The scarf is made from some handspun I got and Terri pretty quickly charmed it right off my neck. I don’t remember who the mitts went to, but Malabrigo is luscious and whoever has them I am sure is loving their softness and warmth. I usually have a pair at my desk as they are ideal in the frigid office, just enough to take the chill off, though they might appear odd with a sleeveless summer blouse. Please know, that never stops me from sliding a pair on. I think maybe I will knit up a pair today to take in tomorrow, ready when I need them.

The wrap is called Just Enough Ruffles. A nice quick knit and currently sitting in my Gratitude Project basket waiting for me to decide who it belongs to.


on Color Week Lello….
  1. Nenslens

    Great mittens!Good luck on the steeking!

  2. -

    the skull sweater is awesome!

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