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it was so. Not. The plan…

February 15, 2015

Don’t you just hate it when you decide something and then moments later, forget you had decided and inadvertently switch it up?

I have been in the precess of making my first coptic bound book for the past couple of weeks. I found a you-tube tutorial that seemed straight-forward and easy enough to follow. I gathered some papers and have built a pretty hefty book. I am using some white sketch paper, some paper ranging through greys to black, some colored stock in blues and also in autumn colors…a good bit of variety, and not all quite the same size.

I used the back board from the sketch paper to make my covers, and I had decided to leave them as is to let the covers develop as the book is used. This is not the decision that went sideways.

Last week, I had to create a spread in a traveling art journal. If I remember, I will add the image to this post later this week. I hadn’t done any paper crafting in quite some time, and when I dove into the paper stash, I found a lovely assortment in a nice little bundle. I thought a few of them would be nice on my new book’s covers and set them aside.

This morning, I came back around to the book covers and retrieved the papers I had liked. I decided on a cover paper and an inside cover paper. I had previously punched the holes in the cover for stitching and no longer had the template I had made for this. I decided to put the cover paper on, then transfer the holes once the glue dried. Then I could place the inside cover papers on and finish transferring the holes. No sooner than having made that decision, I decided to glue the inside covers on while the glue was out keeping my work tidy and clean-up minimal.

So now, I am watching glue dry so I can proceed with the stitching…yippee…

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