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First FO of 2012

January 3, 2012

This isn’t actually the first finished object. Before finishing this I actually frogged 5 projects on New Year’s Day. That’s still finished, right? And of the frogged projects, three of them were completely finished, all the ends sewn in and everything. I just wasn’t pleased with them and didn’t think anyone would actually use them if I sent them as gifts or for my ongoing gratitude project. And the yarn they were knit with was too nice to just toss in the goodwill bag. So the yarn has been restashed, and something else will become of it.

This sweater is made from Liberty Wool Printby Classic elite. It is the third one I have made with the same pattern and yarn, although each has been a different colorway. The first one was for the ever fabulous miss Ella. I like the Liberty Wool for a baby sweater because it is machine washable, and while I can appreciate the heirloom qualities of a lot of non-machine-washable wools, I wouldn’t do that to a new mother.

I posted the finished sweater for Ella here on the blog and then shared it via fb, and Aunt Patty saw it and said she wanted to make one, so I went to visit her and the plan was for us to both knit one over the weekend. I finished mine and after trying it on Crystal’s horse, and her being delighted by it, I gave it to her. But then AP had other ideas and asked if she could buy it from me so she has it to give to her friend for her daughter when she has a child. But her friend has two daughters and she was having some trouble with the knitting as her meds have affected her ability to concentrate. She had gotten to where the sleeves start and I told her to not let it frustrate her and to just send it to me to finish if it wasn’t working out. So she did…and I did. And this sweater is then the third one I have knit. AP had ripped out what she had done so I could start fresh…wasn’t that nice of her?

Here is the second FO of 2012. This would have been finished in 2011 if not for Clare, Spawn of Satan. The first sock whipped off the needles, practically knitting itself. About half way through the second sock, I went to the project bag to get the first to count how many rows I had knit so they would match, but it wasn’t there. I also hadn’t remembered seeing it loos on the coffee table. I was instantly aware of the possibility that the Spawn of Satan had indulged her fetish for shredding with my precious new sock.

When we got home from work, sure enough, said sock was out in the yard (in the rain no less, double sad…) with its freshly turned heel gone…just gone…sad…but because I knit socks for myself so short, I had plenty of yarn to knit a third one to make the pair. Also because it was for myself and I was feeling lazy, I closed the toe with a three needle bindoff because the seam just doesn’t bother me…

So now that I have finished two projects (7 actually, counting the frogged ones), I get to cast on for a new one. I am thinking a clapotis in some stunning silk I have floating in the stash…maybe…I might also swatch Laady Eleanor with the same silk to see if it is worth it or not. I think either wrap will be stunning with the skein I have…

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    I would love to see you create some finger (and toe) sock puppets. Start with your own imagination and then customize them for customers who could insert their various split personalities on the digits.

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