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doing. all. the things…

October 2, 2014

So the big five oh has come and gone pretty uneventfully, other than it having been a year of doing. all. the things…In January, I tried a new (to me) yoga space and while I was committed to going, it just wasn’t the space for me. The teacher was great. Her method was a bit too athletic for the practice I want to re-establish, so I am once again back to trying to cultivate a home based practice. Just a sun salutation in the morning and maybe a pose or two as needed throughout the day. It’s a start.

There was the annual spinning retreat at Mo Ranch in the TX Hill Country. It is nearly everything a retreat should be. I am going again in 2015, which will be my 3rd year. It is with Judith McKenzie and an invaluable source of inspiration and knowledge. It totally re-centers my energy and I look forward to it immensely.

In May was the Yarnorama retreat. Also rejuvenating on a smaller scale. That was closely followed by a trip to the Estes Park Wool Market and visiting Denver. The elevation was a bit much for it to be as enjoyable as I had hoped, but I scored an awesome fleece (or two).

In July, there was 11 days in NJ and NY with my bestest cousin…secrets abound…and in Sept for my actual birthday, I was in Portland and then Seattle with my one of my besties, and went to Taylored Fibers farm event as part of the Olympic Peninsula fiber farm tour, where I also got to visit (though entirely too briefly) with Judith again and get some luscious fiber which I will be spinning up next week during Spinzilla. Also on the farm tour, I visited Finn River Farm Cidery and shipped home a few bottles of their fine spirits.

Still to come is Patti Digh’s Life is a Verb Camp in November in NC. November was also supposed to take us back to Denver for Thanksgiving, but those plans have changed ad we will have a  quiet holiday at home.

We saw a few concerts this year, too…Sting and Paul Simon (at least I think that was this year), Joan Osborne, and Louden Wainwright III, and still to come, Kim Richey at the Mucky Duck

Sketchbook Skool has been a nice adventure this year with a new semester beginning tomorrow. The first semester Beginnings, and the second semester Seeing are both still available, or, you could start with the new semester, Storytelling. It is a very approachable way to develop a sketchbook habit and well worth the tuition.

The only thing I set out to do as part of the 50th celebration which has yet to happen is to get a bike. That is still planned, and will likely happen this month (now that the weather seems more conducive). I am mostly decided on an Electra Women’s 7D but could still be swayed. This seems a reasonable investment for the casual riding I will be doing in the neighborhood.



on doing. all. the things….
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    You have had a busy and sounds like, mostly enjoyable blending into 5-0 and beyond. I wish the website showing the bike would load as I may be in the market for a new ride next year.
    Ah well, another time.

    Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

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    Considering that the previous blog post was titled “Slowing Down”… it doesn’t sound like you have managed that! But, it does all sound fun and mostly yarn related, so yay!

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