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February 4, 2015

So wordpress has this new feature. I like the clean interface, but I don’t think that all the stuff has been my problem with posting. I don’t really know what my lack of motivation is from, but I have been writing again, just not blogging.

I bought a new Macbook Pro a couple of weeks ago, and in the bargaining one does with oneself (surely it isn’t just me) I made a declaration (to myself) that I would write a minimum of 10 minutes a day. I have been. I just haven’t felt like anything I have written has been worthy of publication. That in itself isn’t the criteria for putting anything out here, but I just don’t feel like there have been many coherent thoughts of late. Lots of thinking though.

Today I read the most recent post by Lisa over at Curious Girl. She has a bit to say about knowing something in theory vs. in practice. That. Just exactly that. I am stuck in theory these days more than I want to be, and I feel like there are too many shifts toward being in practice going on concurrently. The bike, is a prime example. I still haven’t picked it up, but soon…very soon…


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    I do miss pedaling.

    My daughter really likes my fingerless mitts. Really. I’ll be in touch. 🙂

  2. -

    Totally get it.

    I’ve made a similar declaration to myself and while the output hasn’t been, you know, great, or phenomenal, or remarkable or astounding or even noteworthy… at least there has been some words. I call that a win!

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