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Color Week White/Grey

The final day of color week was a choice of either white/grey or rainbow. You might think I would play the gay card and choose rainbow, but since a lot of my other knitting was more than just the color of the day, I decided to go with whites/grey instead.

The white tam is called Snow¬† Star Hat and is from the first issue of St-Denis magazine and by Veronique Avery. I couldn’t find her new yarn Nordique and substituted Nashua Creative Focus from my stash. The hat was a challenge from some knitter friends. We challenged each other to be out of our knitting comfort zones. Cabling makes me a little manic, so it qualified. I think the weight of the yarn itself was okay but I should have used a smaller needle. The hat is, umm, big, but Elizabeth says she likes it. I still think maybe it should be reknit a little tighter.

The scarf is a basic fisherman’s lace stitch with some not so basic yarn from out trip to Alaska. While there I bought a few luscious skeins from anindie dyer, Raven Frog Fiber Arts. If you ever cruise Alaska, you will find her stuff everywhere. I think this was called twisted and it came in a lovely 8 ox hank. I made three of these scarves with her yarn, one going to Sally as part of the Gratitude Project, and the other two living right here with me. This colorway is called Glacier. You have to be in good light to see even the slightest hint of blue in the mostly white and greys. Definitely would like more of this yarn.

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    i’ve really enjoyed a peek into your art. it is such a great way to explore color everyday. thanks for participating!

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