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30 day challenge

March 8, 2014

I have joined in a 30 day challenge where you purge the number of things for what day it is, so day 1, 1 thing goes…day 2, 2 tthings go and so on and by the end of the month your things will be 465 less. I can’t believe I am putting this in writing, but accountability, even if only to myself, is helpful with this. Here’s where I am at the moment:

Day 1: deleted my yahoo account
Day 2: 2 shirts (donated)
Day 3: 3 shirts (donated)
Day 4: 5 books sent to my mother (who is amazed how much one can read (at 81) when one can no longer afford cable)
Day 5: 5 purses/bags
Day 6: 3 pair of shoes and 3 knitting bags
Day 7: OMG…7…seven…S E V E N…bags of clothes donated (plus one bag to the trash)

I sent 5 books on day 4 because last night I also went to see The Minimalists at a local bookstore and knew I would be bringing their book home with me. I will mail it on to the first person who claims an interest in it once I finish it…

My friend Kathryn came over today after work yesterday and we did a major clothes purge, and I had already recently purged. She was brutal in the most supportive and loving way and she took the bags with her to drop off on her way home so I won’t be having any donaters remorse. Temptation has been removed, and I still feel like too much remains. Kathryn agrees, especially as it pertains to t-shirts.

Kathryn recommended I do a 90 day challenge of turning all my hangers backwards. As an item is word, it can be rehung with the hanger forward. At the end of 90 days, anything not turned around goes. I am not fully committed to this yet, but I will take everything not turned around out of the closet and give it an honest evaluation. I am also going to be compulsive about one in/one out going forward.

In part this was inspired by seeing The Minimalists and reading their new book(which I have already sent on to someone else). I have been reading their blog for a while now and I like their easy approach to it all. Joshua Took the time to sort through and purge over a longer period of time. Ryan packed up everything he owned and only kept the things he took out and used over a 21 day period (plus seasonal use items). I am considering a combination of the two. I like their main premise that something must add value to be granted space in their life.

I don’t quite know how to apply this to all my stuff, but I feel good about trying as fifty approaches. It seems a defining time in my life in a way that still remains undefined. It will happen how it is supposed to in its own time.


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